Tips to get RIGHT jewelry

Does your favorite jewelry really suit you?

Skin tone vs metal color

It is believed that jewelry is a fashion accessory that completes your look of the day. The right piece is able to bring out the best in a person and make them feel stylish and confident. Here are the tips for you to pick your most suitable jewelry piece!

  • Fair skin
  • Cool-toned: Gold, light gold and rose gold have the power to enhance one’s complexion. However, if you are someone that really likes silver, a darker tone is preferred as it could be a vintage silver piece.

    Warm-toned: Congratulations! All four types of metal color look good on you!

  • Yellow skin
  • Light yellow skin: Congratulations! All four types of metal color look good on you!

    Dark yellow skin: The light gold jewelry may not be prominent enough as your skin tone is quite similar to this metal color.

    Reddish yellow skin: In order for you to be the most stylish in the crowd, all metal colors are recommended but rose gold as rose gold has nearly similar tone with your skin.

    Darkish yellow skin: Gold and rose gold are able to light up your skin but silver will increase the dullness.

  • Dark skin
  • Gold could be a challenging color and light gold may be a good choice as it is easy to pull off. Rose gold is slightly red, its brightening ability is not as good as gold and light gold.

  • Pink skin
  • Pink skin: Light gold, rose gold and silver

    Yellowish pink skin: Gold, light gold and rose gold


    Photo: Annaya